How Can Current Affairs Affect Your Leaflet Marketing?

Keeping up to date with current affairs is crucial in business, after everything that happens in the news somehow has an effect on the economy in some shape or form. At the moment everything in the papers just seem to be doom and gloom, with the euro zone crisis and the unstable middle east. However, some of this you can use in your leaflet campaigns to help persuade your customers to spend their hard earned cash on your product or service.

The euro zone crisis has caused a massive decrease in the world’s economies especially the UK. Very few households have money to spare, therefore you must be able to persuade whoever is going to read your leaflets, how you can save them money by shopping with you. How are you going to do this? By offering them an opportunity they can’t afford to miss. Include a coupon with your leaflets which enables the reader to save a substantial amount of money over their everyday shopping.

Leaflet distribution is a great way to take advantages of the seasons. By using a continuous distribution plan on the build up to Christmas would help your message get into the hands of potential gift buyers. However be sure to remember that having 2,000 leaflets delivered at the beginning of December is not the way forward, plan your leaflet campaign well, start delivering on November 1st and finish on December 24th. Also, use several different types of leaflets all offering something slightly different.

Combine your leaflet campaigns with social media, this method is great for keeping your potential customers in the link whilst in between leaflet drops.

Current affairs have a massive impact on business to business trade, businesses are struggling at the moment so it makes senses to offer them something they can’t refuse, something that will save them money over the other competitors. OK, so maybe you won’t make as much money but an introductory money off coupon works wonders for gaining new clients and once you have them in your contact books you can then work on selling them a slightly superior service which would make you more money. Another good thing about this is, business owners talk. They talk to other business owners at networking meetings, when buying or selling with other companies, everyday they talk to other people who have the ability to use your service therefore if you are able to get in good with the business then they may recommend you to their friends.

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